Sports Law

As a result of the growing commercial importance of Spanish football, a diverse and important area of law has been established. Members of Enrique Sanchez, Spanish Lawyers have acted for football personalities, sporting bodies and commercial interests associated with football. The well-recognised strengths of Enrique Sanchez, Spanish Lawyers lend themselves to reputation management and the protection of privacy of sports personalities.
Members of Enrique Sanchez, Spanish Lawyers have regularly acted in high profile dealings concerning sports players in these fields of law. Enrique Sanchez is a Registered Lawyer under the FA Football Agents Regulations. His integral legal advice services includes legal advice and representation, negotiating contracts particularly involving transfers between Spain and other countries.

Artwork featuring Luis Suarez and other top footballers

As part of the collaboration with Phil Disley one of Britain´s foremost illustrators and the very top striker Luis Suarez Liverpool FC, PFA player of the year and Uruguay international I have the pleasure to link the resulting artwork “El Pistolero”. More information can be found at www.footballerfootprints.com




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